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Georgia Georgia is the cradle of wine culture with 8000 years history of wine production. Get to taste the best Georgian wines. Qvevri Qvevri is a traditional Georgian clay vessel used for fermentation, that creates a unique style of wine Tastings Join our wine events, spend a great time in a friendly atmosphere and learn more about Georgian wines.

Curated wine sets from Georgia.

Handcrafted rare wines from all Georgia produced in small quantities.


Natural wines

Our wines are farmed organically without adding or removing anything in the cellar.


Rare selection

We are constantly looking for small producers to find wines you won’t find in supermarkets.


Traditional viticulture

We value the Georgian traditions of viticulture.



Our wines are terroir-driven and express the great diversity of Georgian lands.

Join our 
wine tastings.

We organize wine tastings regularly to share with you the best wines of Georgia.